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┬áDour time measured in children’s pastels strips away at the truth

In time lost, black and white are crushed and swirled,

Becoming gray, without thought or feeling

Locked up inside myself I call, yearning to touch hot flesh to cold steel

To bring me back to myself, facing me inside

And yet I run away, screaming, stripped away from within

Pain blossoms, writhing and tearing me apart

It fades, and I fight, this is no end, the night is mine.

I ran away, from myself, becoming black and white

When nothing happens, the colors fade away, becoming gray

This will not be the end

The pain is what you make it

Step into the changes and throw away your empty heart right now

This is your chance to become you

Ignoring a kaleidoscope of gray,

I search for black and white in the blur

Right now, I search for myself against a backdrop of pain

Fool searching, trying to become wise, trapped inside a body which is not mine.

I never want to leave this place,

Safe within myself, trapped by gray and seeking black eclipses.

I’m getting buried in this place

Beyond the rubble, shifting promises,

Something eats away at the lies,

Revealing my coffin inside.

Changes evoke a miasma of thoughts and feelings bloom,

But within myself, I don’t care

I swear, if I were dead, I don’t care

This is the end.

Digging, digging, searching,

Oranges on a grape vine scream as the flesh cuts, melting steel

I would have never thought

This pain is what you make it,

Singing an anthem to the lonely

Rip out my heart and offer it as your sacrifice.

This is something to scream about in the gray locks

Knives flash

And this cannot be the end.

Out there, someone is searching, but in here, I hide

Safe within myself

Right now I see it in a different way,

Face pressed and arms bleeding I scream out against the pain

For all it does, I am lost without myself

I’m tempted to give into the end.

But it’s too soon, it cannot fade,

So I begin to run again,

Through the lies and truths, melting metal encasing soft oranges

And blossoming dreams caught in a wildfire

I flee, deeper and deeper, through the fading dreams crackling through the burning

Incomplete, I’m searching,

End in end I fall, tumbling and crashing

Through an endless doorway, watching myself descend,

Through the wells of madness.

There’s a danger at the end, a shaking of sanity, the end calls

Flesh and blade, flame and rose-white petals reaching a floor far below me,

Swallowed by this disco ball my life has become, reflections spinning me into walls,

When it hits, the war begins.

I cannot stand alone, I will be washed away, something that never existed,

Pounding, my heart, the blood in my veins pools around me,

I am an angel in a halo of blood

The war has already begun

Fingers grasp, my hand connects, eyes meet

Slammed into the wall, suspended in the void, above is my savior,

World rending, parting, I have run away, followed by the eater of lies,

We have traversed the melting gray,

And here, at my end, they have reached out for me,

This will not be the end for me

Incomplete, I have with me, a disco ball sends shards slicing our skin,

Yet he stands, a King in my world, reaching for me, skin on skin,

Pulled me from the edge.

Shadows behind him manifest, eyes wide, others stand.

The world is melting away, yet betrayal does not come.

We run away, from the pain, incomplete, searching

Through the gray, the night is fading, but we remain.

A king stands black to black, standing lonely,

Surrounding are the roiling shadows

Wings stretch far above our heads, and below the disco ball shreds to dust.

Right now I see it all in a different way.

I stand lonely, until the hand is outstretched,

A life-line, a way home.

Running away, from myself, to some new day,

Singing, the ruby flames engulf the dreams, and I laugh,

The eater consumes the lies and I am alive.

I don’t care, we will leave this all behind,

And this is not going to be the end.

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