Journal Entry 31

Dull bike

Journal Entry 31


-I’m telling you Teal’c, if we don’t find a way out of this soon, I’m going to lose it. Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in possession of one’s faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal. Wacko!!!

School today started with the classroom being locked again. So we stood around outside until we had to go to the all school meeting thing in the courtyard, for the oath taking/flag raising/prayer/singing bit of the day. Then we were left in the courtyard, waiting there in the already hot sun as the last class. It got to the point where I contemplated using my years of acting to my advantage, and pretending to pass out. Luckily, it was unnecessary. We were led into the now unlocked classroom to find it packed completely full of desks. 9X7, with a few more crammed into the corners, and more being slid in after us. I was told by the English teacher not to ask. I just smiled and nodded. But I was even more curious.

Just did the first of my two presentations today. Wasn’t all that bad, actually. But someone needs to teach these kids how to use a projector. Putting it farther back makes the image larger, you know. As does putting it into full screen. But regardless, one down, one to go. Ok, how did coctelera cobbler turn into coctelera Boobler in just two presentations?! It’s like some twisted game of Spanish Telephone! Speaking of…might be fun.

Okay, other than the first two periods we haven’t had actual school. I just doodled in my journal for a period, wondering when we could leave. Oh yay! We get to leave! Two more hours of school and we get to leave! I dunno how I’m going to get back into the rhythm of school for eight hours a day when I return to NPA… It will be nice to sleep till seven again though. Oh well, just another ten months.

Wonderful. The door is locked, and Nataly isn’t here to let me in. One downside of leaving school so early is that the house is usually empty and there isn’t any way for me to get in. Which kinda sucks. As does the random stomach ache I have right now. It hurts. Gee, sounds like a stomach ache! Anyways, I’m gonna collect my clothes that are out back drying in the sun. Yup, no washer. Never thought I’d miss standard appliances so much. I also wish that I could change out of my school clothes and into my nice shorts and tank top which are dry out back. But nope, no privacy at all. And I really don’t wanna flash the neighbors.

Yay! Nataly let me in! I can eat food now! And I have homework for the first time since I got here. Actually, I have to copy someone’s homework, and hope that I’m doing it right. Oh well, it’s still work. Reading their handwriting is difficult! Everything else I’ve done has been classwork. Finished it while watching Perception.

Okay, just did the smartest thing! I went outside to take pictures, and automatically closed the door behind me. I didn’t realize it until five minutes later when I tried to walk through the doorway and discovered there to be another door in the way. And there is no way to let yourself in without a key. I feel so stupid right now. And I can’t even find the wire Elizabeth used! Great. Guess I’ll just wait for someone to let me in, again! Goody, Juan Diego showed up. I told him that I went outside to grab Nataly’s shoes and the door closed behind me. He tried to open the door with my camera strap, but failed as well (I had already tried it). Luckily there was a piece of wire inside the hood of the truck that he used. So I am back inside! Yay! Which is doubly good, ’cause it’s thundering out there! No rain yet which is good…crap! Some of my clothes are still outside! I should probably grab them before they get a second washing!

Well, I need more soap. My tiny bar (filed smaller from the times I dropped it on the floor of the shower) is almost completely gone. Maybe I can convince Nataly to take me to the store tomorrow. For now I have to deal with the mom reading over my shoulder as I type this and hope that she can’t actually tell what I am writing. She won’t leave though, and that kinda concerns me.

Well, broke out the Jelly Bean Uno game that I got for my birthday from my wonderful friend Erin! The guilt was getting to me…It was pretty fun; I played with Nataly, Juan Diego, and Elizabeth. Juan Diego kept trying to cheat, Nataly and Elizabeth kept teaming up to screw me over, and I won the second game. It was certainly interesting. The mom came in and practically demanded a jelly bean. You could have asked, lady. Now I’m hungry. I think I’ll get Nataly to make me some soup. I have perfected the strategy. I look cute and hungry and beg Nataly to help while the mom is nearby, and the mom makes Nataly help me. It works quite well.

Locked Nataly out of the house when she started swearing at me in English so that the mom wouldn’t have a clue what she was saying. All I did was give her a wedgie! She asked what it was when I threatened her with it. She practically asked for it! We also started a ‘subtle fuck you’ war, meaning we pretended to be sneaky while giving each other the finger. The mom got suspicious when Nataly started making frantic hand gestures behind her head and I started laughing and scratching my head. Weird. They put chopped hot dogs in the soup. And add lime. It’s kinda good, the lime part, that is. And I have no clue what a lemon is in Spanish, and my description of it wasn’t that helpful either. Ah well, I tried.

I have a plan for tonight. Because Nataly kept smacking me in the head while I was talking to the mom and therefore couldn’t react too well, I am going to freak her out and wake her up in her sleep. She deserves it.

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