Journal Entry 27

Fruit thing I've been eating

Journal Entry 27


I love sunsets, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a

stick. How about you?

Having had no classes today has made it quite interesting. Someone brought a soccer ball to school, and some of the guys are playing soccer in the six by fourteen clear space in the middle of the classroom. They are trying to attempt some pretty fancy tricks. Trying. Not really succeeding. Mostly they just kick it really hard against the wall. It’s pretty funny to watch though. However, they do keep nearly nailing me in the head with the ball, which ended up with me actually nailing one of them in the face with the ball. And one of the guys keeps wandering over to have a look in my journal. Two of the other guys in class have set themselves up at the teacher’s desk with their laptops and some speakers and are playing music at a comfortable volume.

I can see the sun. It’s hiding behind a wall of clouds which covers the entire sky, but it’s still there. Mostly it’s just the glowy patch, but I’m pretty sure that’s the sun. It’s been cloudy all morning. I think, and hope, that it’s going to rain. Maybe I’ll get to walk home alone again today.

My grandma in California told me something yesterday that made a profound impact. She judges civilization by… well, I totally forget what comes next, but the gist of it is that she judges it by it’s facilities. Bathrooms, for instance. I think of myself as the same. I also judge them by their chocolate. Guabito has no chocolate. Guess what I think of Guabito.

Finally figured out how to say ‘so what’ in Spanish. I feel fulfilled.

Ooh! Someone brought watermelon! I’m gonna get watermelon! I should not be this excited… Well, it definitely wasn’t a seedless watermelon. And it really wasn’t the best I’ve had. But it was watermelon. So yay!

And I am now apparently part of a group presenting about apples. So glad to have been informed about this. Really makes me feel the group spirit! Also realized that I am behind by a day. I thought it was Wednesday… I blame last week.

I was right about the rain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to walk home alone. I was instead dragged all over town, in the rain, by rain fearing children, to go to a professor’s house so that one of the guys could yell at him for a bit. I was basically confused. But I found a butterfly on the side of the road. Looked a bit flattened. Now. Butterflies here are really pretty. Like, really really pretty. They look black, darting around like one of those hell butterflies from Bleach, but with vibrant green instead of purple. They actually seem to be a dark green on black, with very bright green on the wings. I carried the one I found, which was already dead, back to the house with me so I could take some photos. I also got totally soaked, and locked out of the house. No one was there, and it seems that the grandmother went home. Or maybe she went to New York. My Spanish isn’t very good still. I had to wait till Nataly came to the house to change into her PE clothes. She was surprised to see me there early. I had to explain that the teachers didn’t show up, so we were sent home. I mocked her and her PE class while she unlocked the door. And then I crashed on my bed and read the last seven pages of The Brothers K. It’s going into Lillie’s favorite book pile. I actually have the urge to read Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy… And some of Peter’s books that he read in the novel. They seemed pretty interesting, actually.

We haven’t had dinner yet. I’m wondering if there is going to even be any… I still feel like crap, and my legs are really shaky. I keep forgetting to drink water or eat, so that could be part of the problem. Sleep issues probably play into it somewhere too. I don’t care how interesting someone gets at three in the morning, I just want Nataly to stop texting. Before I get really interesting.

Ok, I’ve stopped caring what music I listen to. So long as it’s really loud, confusing, and capable of drowning out Nataly’s music I’ll listen to it. Which means I have revived my interest in Adema and Disturbed. I also annoy Nataly by having my headphones in and then singing the lyrics out loud. One thing I have going for me is that I can actually reach the notes and not sound like a dying seal. Or a vulture. Nataly doesn’t have quite the same luck. Another reason for the headphones.

Finally, two days later, I manage to finish the last two episodes of Orphan Black from this season. I hate the internet here. I hate the bucket more. I hate a lot of things, don’t I? How about the fact that the mom keeps getting all touchy-feely with me. She kept trying to hug me today. I don’t do hugs! Unless they are from Thomas. Everyone knows that Thomas gives good hugs.

Ok, finally got dinner. I wasn’t sure if we were actually going to get fed today.

Heh, Nataly was a little disturbed by my bringing dead things home. I don’t have the Spanish to tell her that I like poking them with a stick as well, but my miming was effective with Elizabeth, who was laughing so hard I started getting worried about her. Turns out that Nataly was entertaining guests out on the front porch, at the same table I had placed my deceased butterfly friend. I was laughing too. Nataly just looked wary. Hey, the butterfly was pretty! And dead things are fun to play with! And poke!

Oh, news flash for Nataly, the internet needs to be charged in order to work. You can’t just unplug it and leave it for a few hours and expect it to work. Same with my computer. They are 1983/2013 tech. Well, the internet would be 1983 if there was internet back then, and they didn’t use pterodactyls for email correspondence. But anyways, it’s only 2013, we haven’t got self-charging batteries just yet.

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    A timely article appeared in my facebook feed today. Seems some hugs aren’t meant to be appreciated.

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