Journal Entry 24

Playing dominoes

Journal Entry 24


-A ghost could be humping you right now, and you’d never know.

I did not sleep. Ok, I went to bed at ten, got to sleep around twelve (I blame the “bed” being in quotations), woke up at two, went back to sleep, woke up again at three to hear little scuttering and clicking noises which I had no interest in investigating, then woke up again at 4:47, and decided, fuck this, I’m gonna be woken up in thirteen minutes to get ready for school anyways, which doesn’t even start till 7. Also, loud bass is not conducive to an easy, or even possible, sleep. Someone in the nearby vicinity (oh wait, that included the entire fucking town!) likes to play their “music” between twelve pm and three am. The only time it stops is during a fucking power outage, which luckily happens quite frequently.

That’s it. The guys in this class are doves. Stinking diseased flying rats that make what I used to think was a pretty sound. That oooh-ooh-ooh-oooh noise is mimicked perfectly by these pathetic flightless morons. Although, I’m pretty sure that if I pushed one out of a building, they would fly. And make a truly lovely splatting sound. I’m so freaking tired of hearing the little doves cooing in the classroom. Next time they do that, I’m going to burst out laughing, confuse the hell out of everyone, and then inform them that they sound like doves, the Spanish word of which I have committed to memory. Paloma. What a pretty word to describe such a group of such fucking retarded imbeciles.

So far it’s been almost an hour since school is supposed to have started, and we haven’t had any classes.

Well, that didn’t last long. The boys are now my Pequito Palomas, and the girls found it absolutely hysterical. I think I’ll just call them my Pequito Palomas every time I hear them and remember to. Either they’ll like it and continue, or it will start to get annoying for them. That would be nice. Then I’d just have to deal with their hyena laughter. Which I could always relate to a Witch’s laugh. My little doves…

Still no school. How long till we can call it quits and flee here? I want to play minecraft on that new server that I found, and edit photos.

So, AFS gets concerned about a student living in a town with very little water, but they don’t care about the potential health risks of that same water which smells as if Mango pissed in it, Tiger shat in it, and something died in it? Explain to me their logic. Oh yeah, and today there was no drinking water in the tank. I had to get some from the water bottle in the fridge.

I’ve really got to bring my computer to school someday, and play them some songs from the years 2010 to 2013. I’ve also got to find them some movie other than Twilight. And finally, I have got to show them Lord of the Rings.

Oh my god! That Frozen Bubbles game is probably still popular here! With the little penguins and everything! I have got to find out!

Two hours and still no class. At least the paper over the windows has been removed.

Oh goodie! Another plan! That’s five now!

That awkward moment when you are sitting in class, staring at your left arm, and whisper ‘come on, Innocence, activate!’

Ok, several other people are jumping off this school ship and heading home. How soon till I can go back to the house?

Elizabeth didn’t show up last night. Probably because of the rain. And there’s still glass on the floor. I picked up all the pieces I could collect, and might have collected a few more in the feet. Oh joy.

Well, the giant ‘tourism week’ thing just fell over. The guys were shouting, the girls were screaming, and I was laughing. I was outside the collapse zone, so I just watched as my classmates were squished. It’s made out of flipping Styrofoam. You’d have thought they were being crushed by boulders or something. Now they are tossing pieces of the boards into the ceiling fan (which is now making an ominous creaking sound) for fun. At least I’m entertained.

Suddenly it’s clean-up time. Everything is being tidied and straightened. I’m gonna guess someone’s coming. I hope it’s a teacher. My classmates amuse me, but intellectually, they are quite boring. Well, a teacher just walked past, and the students made a mad dash for their chairs. False alarm, my little doves. I’ve taken to cooing in response.

I hate to say this, but I wish I had watched more Dora as a kid. At least so I could remember something beyond ‘Swiper no swiping!’ Which I’m not even sure is what she was saying. It doesn’t seem very Spanish.

So, the mom came in to the room last night and once again asked “what have you been telling your mother?” I avoided the question, telling her that mom and dad were out so I didn’t get to talk to them. She then started touching me, then asked for the “anti-itch” cream and basically put it all over, which made me very uncomfortable. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself, and I just wanted to sleep. Then she started asking me if I wore my bra while I slept. The fuck, woman?! I’m not telling you shit! That’s kinda personal! Even my own mom doesn’t ask that! Leave me the fuck alone! I just pretended that I didn’t understand, and that I was falling asleep. She finally left, but not before trying to tuck me in. I had curled into a ball by this point, to try and ward off any more touching, so she basically covered me in the pathetic blood-stained sheet I’m supposed to use as a blanket. Ok, there aren’t too many bloodstains. But I’ve been using the same sheet as a blanket since I got here.

My classmates keep taking my stuff, like my camera, forcibly out of my hands. There’s not much I can do about it without getting violent, and I am trying to preserve relations in order to survive the next few weeks of school. I am really really losing it.

I need more sleep. My ballpoint pen is utterly fascinating. As is the word giggle. Say it. Giggle.

One of the guys showed up without his uniform, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The teacher doesn’t seem to notice, or she doesn’t care. My little doves keep cooing, and I keep mocking them in response. I already explained the rats with wings thing to them. They looked a bit affronted. Good.

Yay. Another teacher. This one spent the whole period on his cellphone while the class watched the music videos and other movies they’ve been watching since this morning.

I just want people to stop touching me, grabbing my arm, hitting my shoulder, leaning on me while I am trapped at a desk. I really need it to stop, before I do something which I really will not regret later. My shoulder hurts and having people grab my air or lean on my shoulder only aggravates it further.

Now we are back to doing half-assed skits. The most that happened so far was last period, in which we made a circle with our desks and had a class quiz. The teacher is one of those guys who seems scary and mean, but is actually really nice. He’s like a fuzzy Mr. Warnock! But anyway, he made it possible for me to answer a question. But now, this period, we aren’t doing anything once again.

Oh yay. The power is out. Fuck this all. Just fuck it. I am currently stuck in the Philosophy class, alternating between almost crying, and hysterical giggling fits. I need more sleep. I really really do.

I have twelve more pages left in my journal. Crap.

Thirty minutes. I can make it thirty more minutes. Especially if the teacher doesn’t show up. Great. She showed up. And it’s the really bipolar one who is currently shouting at us. I’m just gonna act really dumb this period and pretend not to know Spanish. ‘Cause it’s such a stretch, really. Watching this teacher use her cellphone is so funny! It’s like she doesn’t know that you can talk and listen without moving the phone from your ear. She’s listening, and then using it like a walkie talkie to talk into it.

Hmmm. We got fed. They called my class and my class only it seems to come into a room and gave us a plate of rice and some juice. It was pretty tasty rice. I ate some, and then decided to take the rest to the house with me. Which is where I ran into some trouble. Nataly wanted to stay after school a bit longer, so she gave me the keys. I got to the house, and put the key in the lock. It turned, but when I tried to open the door, I couldn’t. Apparently, you have to kinda hump the door into a position that makes it swing open. It hasn’t got a handle on the outside. The mom was there a few minutes after I showed up, and she demonstrated for me. Yay.

Nataly took me to get Popsicles again. And along the way informed me that one of my friends, the gay one, likes her boyfriend. I basically started cracking up on the street. Scared some locals. Either Nataly is imagining it, or her boyfriend is hotter than he seems. She wanted me to help her beat up my friend. I informed her that I valued my friends over my family. She was rather annoyed to hear that. I mocked her for it the rest of the way back to the house.

Finally. We have some answers on the school issue. Apparently, Panama’s teacher’s union is having some problems with the government. So I’m not that special. It’s a problem all over Panama. Who am I kidding, I am that special! I’m losing my mind….

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